I am a seasoned software developer serving customers worldwide.

I specialize in data-intensive applications, legacy system renewals, and project turnarounds.

I love working on nuanced projects, especially those with multilingual and international facets.

Software development

Project Management: seasoned management leadership and guru-level technical expertise from a veteran of domestic and international projects.

Turnarounds are my specialty: salvaging software projects, and working in difficult development situations.

Multilingual Applications: see my INTL Toolkit.

Web apps and site resets

Custom design and development of data-driven, flexible, interactive websites and web-stores.

Website audits: to understanding your current situation, and setting course for renewal.

Team mentoring

I've been mentoring teams within organizations with Visual FoxPro, web, and SQL applications for 25 years.

My mentoring relationships are: team-oriented, goal-oriented, and flexible.

Mentoring for managers

Making your software strong is always a directed and incremental process.

I work with development managers to make smart plays and following sound, measurable plans.